Elsa Science Partners with Amicus Arthritis to Advance Rheumatologic Care Through Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Elsa Science
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LOS ANGELES / CHICAGO / STOCKHOLM — Elsa Science has announced an exciting partnership with progressive rheumatology clinic, Amicus Arthritis in Los Angeles. The collaboration will enable the clinic to leverage Elsa Science’s platform for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), empowering patients and transforming rheumatologic care.

Alexandra Lindfors, Head of Global Business Development & Sofia Svanteson, Co-founder & CEO outside Elsa Science’s US office at MATTER Health in Chicago

The primary objective of the partnership is to actively engage patients, translating their condition-specific data into actionable decision supports. These insights pave the way for tailored interventions, better patient outcomes, and new revenue opportunities for clinics.

“Remote Therapeutic Monitoring is not just a program but a shift in how we approach rheumatologic care,” says Dr. Tien-I Karleen Su, rheumatologist and co-founder of Amicus Arthritis. “Elsa Science’s platform provides an opportunity to actively involve our patients in their care journey, allowing for timely interventions and heightened engagement.”

With the rising demand for convenience and patient-centric solutions, RTM plays a pivotal role. It allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients’ health and treatment progression between appointments, especially vital for proactive management of chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Sofia Svanteson, Co-founder & CEO of Elsa Science, shared her enthusiasm about the collaboration: “Partnering with Amicus Arthritis and Dr. Karleen Su is a milestone for us. Together, we are committed to reshaping the future of patient care, easing the workload of rheumatologists, and unlocking the vast potentials of remote therapeutic monitoring.”

Financially, the implementation of RTM offers clinics like Amicus Arthritis an avenue for additional billable services catering to real-time patient care. This not only elevates the quality of care but addresses staffing challenges prevalent in healthcare.

To further support the success of RTM, Elsa Science will customize onboarding based on individual clinic and patient needs, provide staff training, and consistently review the RTM program to ensure optimal results.

About Elsa Science: Elsa Science is a frontrunner in advancing healthcare with technology, offering platforms that turn patient data into powerful insights, promoting self-care, and creating new opportunities for healthcare institutions.



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