Rheumatic autoimmune diseases, affecting people from childhood to old age, are incurable and associated with severe pain, joint damage, disability and decreased working ability. The estimated cost of these diseases are €10,000 per patient per year¹, leading to substantial burden on the individual and society when taking into account the average life expectancy after diagnosis of more than 30 years.

Research is showing that lifestyle changes can improve the treatment effect in combination with effective medication and also lower the cost and burden of this disease². However, to support habit forming lifestyle changes, adherence and self efficacy, something more than…

Matilda Mitchell, CMO at Elsa Science

Enter Matilda Mitchell! She told us on her first day; you should know they tend to call me Matrix Matilda… and it took not long until we understood why, when we saw her neatly organised, and inspiring strategy, sporting the right messages to the right stakeholders. We are looking forward to her next moves, you will too!

Matilda has previously worked in various commercial functions and her experience includes Detectify, Nutricia Medical Nutrition / Danone and BauschHealth and she has an educational background in Medical Science from Karolinska Institutet.

Barbara Bislawska Axnäs, Ana Caballero Herrera & Marta Lason

Big ideas call for mighty thinkers & doers and we are delighted to announce we have expanded the team with new awesome capacity.

Barbara Bislawska Axnäs joined us a while ago as a business developer and has previously completed a Ph.D in biotechnology supervised by professor Mathias Uhlén at the Royal Institute of Technology, and worked with sales and business development at Bio-Rad Antibodies and Atlas Antibodies.

Marta Lason is another boost to our business development team with her knowledge and focus on health outcomes, the drug market and the life science industry. …

Co-founders Sofia Svanteson, Sebastian Evans and Pelle Almquist

Stockholm, January 19, 2020 — Elsa Science, a Swedish company delivering digital therapeutics, initially to patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases, is excited to announce their new investment of 2M€ led by Norrsken Foundation with participation by new investors Noaber Foundation, Per Båtelson, Ahsan Amjad, Josefin Landgård and existing investors Inventure and Crowberry Capital.

– Elsa Science is putting science into the hands of millions through the power of technology. It is a perfect example of businesses that we will back in the future — run by top caliber entrepreneurs deeply passionate about building globally scalable tech solutions that have a…

Right in time before vacation started we were lucky to welcome three new co-workers that topped up our already wonderful team. Lars Sundelin took on the role as Senior Service Designer and will assure we truly understand our users. From day one he has helped us keep a focus on the behaviours, needs and motives of our different user groups and how insights from design research translates into valuable product features. Lars joins us from Veryday McKinsey Design. Ariel Cicero tip toed in on a slack-line and proved not only to sport an amazing balance but that he could also…

When we first met Jenny Christensson a couple of years ago she worked as a patient relations manager at the pharmaceutical company AbbVie. Jenny was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1994 and had turned into a Lead Patient, advocating patient engagement in healthcare. To be honest, we were first a little intimidated by her frank but honest feedback on the first version of our app. But there was something about Jenny that made you listen carefully, and it was clear to us that we could learn a lot from her. We met with Jenny (as well as many other patients,) on and off and today she is part of our team as Chief Patient Officer. In this short video she talks about why she uses Elsa and demonstrates a few features in our latest version of the app.

Jenny Christensson, Chief Patient Officer and Hanna Blyckert, Health Educator

We keep growing at Elsa and this time we are very happy to announce that Jenny Christensson has joined us as Chief Patient Officer and Hanna Blyckert has taken on the role as Health Educator.

Jenny comes previously from AbbVie where she worked as a Patient Relations Manager. She has been a strong voice in patient advocacy and a change maker for many years knowing what it’s like to live with RA herself. Hanna has a background in health education from the Swedish School of Sports and Health Sciences, and has belonged to our RA patient reference group at Elsa…

We just got this inspiring news from Norrsken, a Swedish impact investor;

“You’ve earned a spot on #theimpact100. That means you’re one of the best Nordic Impact Startups, building a business to solve societal and environmental problems!

In other words, what you are doing is pretty amazing and something that we want to celebrate and share with as many as possible.”

For us, this totally impacted our wellbeing and our reward systems went bing, bing, bing! Now we have an anticipation of wanting more, so we’ll be working smart to get another juicy dopamine rush.

Towards fewer and healthier patients with chronic disease!


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) affects about 5 million people in Europe and costs European society approximately 35 billion Euro per year (including societal costs, i.e. lost income etc). All ages are affected but disease frequency increase with age, meaning that the number of RA patients is increasing in Europe due to an ageing population. Patients with RA have decreased working ability and they often suffer from pain and comorbidities even if they are medicated. Only about 20% of patients get full remission. Together with Karolinska Institutet we are now trying to change this progression by building prediction algorithms of treatment effect in order to enable “tight control” as well as educating and supporting patients with lifestyle changes.

Early idea to be further developed

The Nordic innovation agencies grant initiatives to boost research and innovation in personalised medicine with almost 17M€. Utilising digital technology and data such as patient reported outcomes is more relevant than ever before and will be crucial when tailoring the right therapeutic strategy to the right person at the right time. Elsa joins a project on novel treatment of RA together with Karolinska Institutet, Uppsala University, Linköping University, Rigshospitalet, Diakonhjemmet Hospital and Thermo Fischer among others.

Co-founder & CEO Sofia Svanteson says this is a fantastic opportunity for Elsa to collaborate closely with patients, healthcare providers and the latest scientific…

Elsa Science

We strive for fewer as well as healthier & happier patients with chronic disease.

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